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HASK has officially become part of my spring/summer hair care regimen!

hask review


So I thought I’d share with you guys a new product I have been using and loving.  I have written a little bit about my hair journey, and I have even listed some of my go to hair products for stronger, longer, healthy hair.  Now I am here to show you products I had never heard about until recently, but that I am so happy to have encountered.

I received the hask hair products kit courtesy of Brandbacker, and I have been trying the products over a period of almost two months.  I always like to try hair products over a period of at least a few weeks to see if it really makes a difference in my hair, and these products really do!

hask hair products review

I like my hair dark and shiny

The hask hair caddy came with Argan Oil conditioner, shampoo, and shine oil as well as the Keratin counterparts of all three.  Anyone who has heard me talk about my hair journey knows that these two ingredients—keratin and argan oil—are lynchpins of my entire hair regimen.  My favorite combo?  Hask hair Argan shampoo with the Keratin conditioner, followed by the shine oil.  This combination leaves my hair looking incredibly moisturized without feeling weighed down and also gives a perfect balance between protein (keratin) and moisture (argan oil) which my hair so desperately needs.

hask hair products review hask hair products review hask hair products review

I highly recommend hask hair products to anyone and everyone.  I can’t imagine anyone this would not be beneficial for, and I really think the products do much for the overall health of your hair.


hask hair

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