DIY Honey Conditioner: You Get More Shine with Honey

Step by step guide to DIY Honey Conditioner

diy honey conditioner


I was a spoiled little girl growing up, the worst kind: a daddy’s girl. In many ways I still am, but that’s another story. Anyway, I used to throw tantrums when I didn’t get what I wanted, and my mom would always say “You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!” Who hasn’t heard that one? My dear mother, never one to reinvent the wheel. So, today I’m here to tell you that this saying holds very true when it comes to gorgeous hair.  With honey you can have all you ever wanted from you hair with shine, body, and moisture.


What You’ll Need

Shower cap

This spa grade shower cap helps give an excellent deep conditioning!  Using your own body heat, it creates an environment similar to a hooded dryer for maximum penetration.  I like to use disposable shower caps for conditioners, as they are affordable and you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty!

Find great ones HERE.


I prefer to use raw alfalfa honey because the texture makes for an amazing hair mask! Any honey will work well.

Find a great one HERE.

Essential oil of choice

If your hair is oily, you should probably skip this step.  My hair is typically dry, so I include it.  I love using coconut oil because it solidifies below 75 degrees.  Kept in a cool room, it becomes semi-solid, and this thickens the hair mask and keeps it from running. Coconut oil also has countless benefits for hair health!

Find a great one HERE.


If your hair is oily, yogurt will work beautifully as a substitute for the essential oil.  Try to use one that has as little sweetener or additives as possible.


How to Mix

You want to use a 2:1 ratio of honey to the other ingredients.  The exact amount will vary by hair length and thickness, but half a cup of honey is usually a good amount to start with.

Sweet Talk Your Hair

Apply to the hair and keep under the shower cap for at least thirty minutes.  If you end up using raw alfafa honey you will need to rinse very carefully to make sure you get all of it out! I like to co-wash (lightly wash with conditioner) to make sure everything gets out.  When you have finished rinsing, dry and style as usual! My hair was literally glowing from within.

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DIY Cold Cream

Full proof DIY Cold Cream recipe for hassle free waterproof eye makeup removal!

Hey guys! So I know makeup wipes are all the rage, but at upwards of 7-8$ for 25 wipes? That’s less than a month worth of wipes, and I’d rather have Netflix with that fee. So, while I was a student in college, I discovered that Cold Cream and baby wipes work just as well if not better and I have been using them ever since!

DIY Cold cream

Cold Cream cuts right through the toughest waterproof mascara formulas for tug free makeup removal in the blink of an eye (pun intended).  The baby wipes—the unscented kind for sensitive skin—are much more affordable, and work really well to wipe away the cold cream and product.  This duo has become a central part of my regimen and I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble with waterproof eye makeup removal!  The skin around your eyes is super sensitive, and tug and pull only accelerates the natural aging process.  Since I’m a DIY kind of girl, I started looking into a possible DIY Cold Cream recipe I could try, and I finally found one that I really enjoy.


1 TBS Jojoba oil (carrier) 7 TBS pure vegetable shortening (not lard) 10 drops lavender oil (you could also use chamomile, but I prefer lavender for its soothing properties)


in a small saucepan, over low heat (or in a double boiler if you have one), warm the shortening and Jojoba oils together until both have completely melted.  Remove from heat, and allow too cool for about 5-10 minutes.  Then add your lavender or chamomile oils, stirring slowly until the mixture thickens and turns opaque.  When you have finished, pour the mixtures in a jar and close.  A jar is ideal because it keeps out the air, thus preserving the mixture.  While you do not need to refrigerate the mixture if you use a jar, you should try to finish the product within a 6-12 month period.   Depending on the room temperature of where you are mixing your cold cream, the amount of time you spend may differ.  To speed up the thickening process, you may stick the mixture into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or less depending.  Prep and mix time should take no more than 2 hours!

How To Use

Take a little bit of cold cream and rub it on you eye, being sure to work it into your lashes to remove waterproof mascara or wherever you need to.  Then, when you can feel the cosmetic product loosening, use your baby wipe to clean away excess.  Follow with your regular face cleansing regimen.  This cold cream recipe and baby wipe method is  sure to impress!

I hope you enjoyed! I know it’s been a while since I posted a DIY entry so I really wanted to get this up.


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Best Non-Makeup Beauty Tips

These non-makeup beauty tips will be than worth your while!

Here is my holy grail list of non-makeup beauty tips and products that will have you looking your best, whether you’re all the way glam or rocking the no-makeup makeup look.

 As always, those of you with sensitive skin should always do a spot test before using any new products or remedies! This is super important guys, better safe than sorry.

5 Must Have Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

Here is my tried and true list of the must have essential oils for ultimate hair health.

Essential oils have so many great qualities and you can buy most of them online, you can even buy Lemon Oil Online and I personally enjoy the nowfoods line for most of my essential oils! This line is affordable, reputable, and very easy to purchase from You can get free two day shipping if you have prime. They can also be purchased at health food stores, or at your local GNC.



Essential Oil

Jojoba Oil


This essential oil is super effective because it mimics the natural sebum your scalp manufactures on it’s own. It’s on the expensive side, but it is also super potent so it works out nicely. You will only need a couple drops in a carrier oil to do the trick. It moisturizes and seals in moisture for the perfect solution to a dry, thirsty scalp. This is sooo crucial. Think of your hair as the crop and your scalp as the soil, and you’ll understand why a healthy scalp can literally make or break healthy hair.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of buzz lately for it’s skin and hair benefits, but when it comes to dandruff this super affordable essential oil is very, very underrated. It’s really light and smells amazing, so most will absolutely love this. It’s affordability and lightweight texture make it the perfect carrier oil. (For those who don’t know, a carrier oil constitutes the majority of your hair oil mix, and helps dilute stronger oils so they can be applied directly to your skin in smaller doses). Coconut oil is what really does the work in any dandruff elixir.

If you have greasy hair, or are prone to it, using this as a scalp treatment 2-3 times a week will absolutely do the trick! Do the treatment right before a wash (be sure to use clarifying shampoo), and you should see results in less than two weeks.

Sweet Almond Oil

Essential oil

Sweet Almond Oil


Another carrier oil, this essential oil is not only great for banishing dandruff but it also promotes hair growth! In fact, the use of this oil as a hair growth aid dates back all the way to Ancient Egypt. Those Egyptians sure did know a lot about beauty! But seriously guys, talk about a double whammy. This is used in similar quantities to the coconut oil, but a little less. This oil has a light scent, and is very lightweight so it will do well with in this mixture.

Castor Oil

essential oil

Castor Oil


Castor oil is one of the most agreed upon essential oils when it comes to hair growth. This oil really works! Applying it to your hair as a scalp treatment 2-3 times a week, and you will see fuller longer hair in no time! This oil is very thick, almost like syrup, and so you will want to wash it out after applying. This also works amazingly for thickening eyebrows and eyelashes, so it is well worth the money.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil

essential oil

I have only used the Tropic Isle JBCO, so I can only vouch for this one


Jamaican Black Castor oil is just an alternative to standard castor oil. I personally believe it is more effective, but it has the down side of being even thicker. Literally almost molasses thick. If you are willing to use this oil as a treatment, I think it is well worth it. It can be used overnight as well for better results. I use this oil on my scalp during weeks when I am wearing protective styles.


After using all of these essential oils, the trick for clarifying your hair is to apply shampoo and work it in before you add water. Add water to lather and rinse only after you have added shampoo. If you add water before you add the shampoo, you will not be able to get all the oil out and your hair will be greasy for days afterwards.

These essential oils can also be used effectively as spot treatment for areas of thinning and balding, around the edges for example. Castor oil can be a real miracle worker in that respect.

Feel free to comment or email me with any questions! I have a lot of personal experience that I would love to share.

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12 Vaseline Uses for Beauty

Vaseline may just be one of the best beauty products on the market

When you think beauty product, you probably don’t think petroleum jelly. Well, neither did I, but that should change! Here are 11 ways that Vaseline is the best beauty product out there. Here are, in no particular order, the 11 beauty related Vaseline uses that keep me coming back jar after jar.


12. Make Perfume Last Longer

Perfume evaporates faster off of dry skin! Rub some vaseline on the areas you would normally apply your scent, and then spray. Your perfume will evaporate much more slowly, and last all day.

11. Lip Balm

Anyone who has ever used Vaseline as a lip balm can attest to its ability to make your lips baby soft. Never used it? Chances are you actually have! Most lip balms (think Carmex, among others) have petrolatum as the first, or one of the first ingredients, and so its one of the major active ingredients needed to give you soft, moisturized lips. How does Vaseline achieve this? It seals in moisture.

10. Lip Exfoliator

Let’s be real: with fall creeping in, and winter just around the corner we are all going to need a good lip exfoliator. Most are expensive, except for my all time favorite one by elf, so you may want to think about a DIY if you don’t have lip exfoliator handy! All you need is vaseline and brown sugar, and you’ve got yourself a lip exfoliator you can do at home in no time.


9. Manicure

Many of you may have already heard of the first three vaseline uses, but this one is a little less known. You know when you go outside of your nail, and have little flecks of nail polish on your skin surrounding? Well, here is where vaseline can come in handy. If you don’t have time to soak your hands afterwards, using vaseline to rim around your nail will prevent the polish from adhering to your skin! All you have to do is paint, let set for a few minutes (does not have to be completely dyr, just not wet), and then wipe around the nail with a Q-Tip. Works like a charm every time!


8. Dry Shaving Cream

Have you ever gotten ready only to realize that you missed a spot shaving? If you’re anything like me, you need to take care of it immediately! On days like these, vaseline is an absolute life saver. Take some vaseline and smooth it over the area that you would like to shave. Using a quality, ie. sharp, but disposable razor shave off the hairs you missed! The area will be smooth, easy, moisturized and most importantly hairless in no time.

7. Prepoo

Prepoo, for people who don’t know, is a pre-shampoo treatment you do for your hair before you shampoo! It is super important for girls with dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair and I strongly recommend that everyone do one at least twice a month! Let me know if you want to see a post on this! Anyways, apply the vaseline to the length of your hair before using a clarifying shampoo to see incredible shine and cut down on the stresses sulfates can inflict on your hair. For best results, let sit under a shower cap for 30 minutes.


6. Split End Prevention

Jumping off the last post, vaseline can be incredibly vital to sealing moisture in your hair. Where is this most important? Often in your ends. Use vaseline on the ends of your hair to lock in moisture and prevent splitting! For people with fine, greasy, or grease prone hair this is best done as a prepoo treatment. You will definitely see an improvement!


5. Skin Protectant

Vaseline has got your back ladies! One of my favorite vaseline uses is as a skin protectant. This works in the same way as described in the manicure use. Apply to skin, usually on the perimeter of your hairline or to the scalp, before using dye or chemical relaxer. This will protect your skin from the chemicals you are using while you complete the treatment. Vaseline can also be used on the scalp for further protection. Always protect your skin!


4. Foot Spa

If you haven’t already, definitely check out my DIY at home foot spa post telling you how to get super soft feet overnight! I used another product by vaseline, their gel oil, but plain old petroleum jelly will work wonders as well! Use the same procedure, swapping in vaseline and you will have soft touchable feet literally overnight.


3. Set Eyebrows

This may not be ideal for those with oily skin, but in the colder months when dry skin plagues many of us, vaseline can be used to set and seal eyebrows beautifully! I prefer this to wax in the colder months because it is more breathable, won’t freeze (yes it has gotten that cold where I’ve lived…-20 degrees anyone?), and it’s very moisturizing. Apply to eyebrows with a Q-Tip for precision after filling them in, and you are good to go!


2. High Fashion Eyeshadow

I know you’ve all seen this look done time and time again.

vaseline uses

Ever wonder how they achieve this look? Vaseline! Well, even if that isn’t exactly what they use I am sure it is something extremely similar. Apply your eyeshadow as usual, then pat some vaseline on top for this high shine, high fashion look. If you would like to see a tutorial I would be more than happy to do one for this makeup look!

1. Lip Analgesic

Chapped lips can be painful. Distractingly painful. Trust me ladies, I feel your pain! That’s why I have to recommend vaseline as a serious analgesic. An analgesic is a topical pain reliever. When applied to chapped or broken lips, it relieves the pain almost immediate and then seals in the moisture need to heal. Avoiding chapped lips not only prevents you from pain but also stops the development of cold sores. Cold sores can be even more of a bother, and whilst vaseline can soothe a cold sore, it won’t treat them. If you are a victim of cold sores, make sure you invest in a treatment from to get rid of these as quickly as possible. Never be without this beauty must-have during those dreaded winter months!


Ok, those are my top vaseline uses when it comes to beauty. I hope you found the list helpful! As always, feel free to be in touch with me and please comment!

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