Venus Snap with Embrace: Legendary Legs in a Snap

Venus Snap with Embrace for smooth, beautiful legs at your fingertips and in a snap!

venus snap

Venus Snap with Embrace is perfect for on the go

One more thing I wish I knew about in college.  Since graduating, I find myself in more and more situations where I need to be on the go but still on my toes.  Cue the Venus Snap with Embrace razor—have a date after work?  Venus Snap with Embrace razor.  A quick and easy razor to pack that’s compact but still does the job? Venus Snap with Embrace razor, again.  I honestly think this is such a clutch product.  It’s small, comes in a compact, and comes complete with 5 blades so you don’t miss a beat…or a hair.  The quality of this razor is impressive, especially considering how compact they’ve made it.  It’s now my go to travel razor because it’s just that much more convenient!

venus snap
The Venus Snap with Embrace razor is small, but ergonomic—the big circular thumb pad ensures a no slip grip that is necessary for a razor this size.  The blades, as is to be expected with Venus, are sharp and hassle free to give a clean shave each time.  I loved the compact! It makes it that much more convenient for travel and on the go to have something to store it in.

I’m going away next weekend, and I am in packing mode, so I decided to let you all know just a little bit of what’s going along with me!

venus snap
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venus snap

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Venus through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Venus, all opinions are my own.


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