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taya beauty giveaway


Hiiii lovelies!  So as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I just embarked on a hair journey! I decided to do this because I really wanted to make better choices regarding my hair care so that I could finally begin to see better length retention and overall hair health.  From the outset, I decided that setting goals and changing the way I handled my hair on a daily basis would be my approach and I started to see the fruit of my labor pretty quickly!


taya beauty giveaway


A huge part of this lifestyle change was closely monitoring the hair products I used for ingredients that would are beneficial for my hair and scalp.  I believe that God created me, the earth, and everything in it and I believe He endowed the earth with the best of the best! In other words, natural is always best! I avoid petrolatum and mineral oils almost always, and try to use products with as many natural ingredients as possible.  That is why when Taya Beauty approached me and asked me to do a review and host a giveaway for them, I jumped at the chance!

“Meaning “I am” in the Wayuu dialect, and symbolizing the timeless relationship between ourselves and the rainforest, TAYA products embody those unique combinations of the rainforest’s botanical treasures that have been passed down from mother to daughter….. for untold generations.” Taya Beauty

Not only are the products great, but this company is also very socially responsible.  This is so important to me.  As someone with African roots, I know firsthand the ripple effects exploitation can have on communities where natural resources provide the only means of survival and enterprise.  That is why I am always so excited to share products from companies that make an effort to give back to the communities from where they get their materials, and I am proud to say that Taya is one such company!

“All indigenous rainforest botanical ingredients are sourced through environmentally sustainable programs which are free of toxic and agrochemical agents, or genetically modified elements, and where the local communities directly benefit from their harvests and conservation efforts.”  Taya Beauty

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*I received compensation for this review.  As always, all the views and opinions here expressed reflect the true and honest opinions of the author.




  1. Hi Fumnanya! This is a great giveaway, I’d love to win! I’m also growing out my hair so it would be nice to receive products like those, especially because they aren’t available at my country.
    I subscribed to your Youtube channel (name: Vanja Smole).

    Wish you all the best! x

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