Super easy DIY Mask to Even Out Skin Tone Fast!

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Pimples are bad enough, but they can become nightmarish if they leave behind scars and discoloration.  I never had acne (thank God), but I still have the occasional breakout whenever Aunt Flo comes to town.  Everyone knows that picking pimples is practically begging for a scar, but sometimes these villains find a way to leave their mark no matter what you do! Here is my tried and true method for brightening dark spots and evening out my skin over time.  Paired with regular exfoliation, this recipe works better than a charm!

What You’ll Need…

Plain Yogurt (preferably with as little sugars and other extras as possible)

mask to even out skintone

How it Works

Mix the yogurt and apply it to your face a day or so after exfoliating.  You can apply it with your fingers or with a fan brush, but I find that fingers make for quicker application but the heat from you hands can also make it runnier.  The yogurt can become runny so it may be best to do this laying down and wearing a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty.  Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse even if it isn’t completely dry.

You can do this about one or two times a week, and it is super easy! This DIY alternative makes an incredible effective mask to even out skin tone!

Feel free to comment with any questions, and let me know if you would like to see more DIY posts!


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Hey guys!

So I have been meaning to put up a daily skincare routine for oily skin, and I finally have it for you! It’s super simple, and I do this twice a day for the most part except for days that I exfoliate. I will put up my exfoliation routine later, for sure. Once you’ve got the correct products, you can then solve oily skin problems.

Morning Routine

What am I loving right now? Raw Black Soap. I make my own, but you can get some here:




Natural Herbal Face and Bath Soap

This soap has done wonders for my skin, in the short amount of time that I have been using it. In particular, I have noticed:

More even skintone

Diminishing dark spots

Less oil

Less noticeable pores

Fewer breakouts

Needless to say, I am more than ecstatic about this new find! It is especially great for women with darker skintones who are more prone to hyperpigmentation and discoloration. The smell takes a little getting used to, but the results are so compelling that this was not hard to do at all. In addition, a really good moisturizer is required to follow this cleanser because the black soap can be a bit drying when used on a daily basis. It is also very refreshing to use as a body soap, and will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated every time.

daily skincare routine

The Body Shop Teat Tree Oil Face Collection

On days when I do not feel too oily, I reach for the Tea Tree line from the Body Shop. Starting with the cleanser I wash, then I use the toner on a cotton ball to wipe any residue off of my face. The cleanser does not lather, so do not be alarmed by that (I used to be when I just started the switch away from sulfates). After the toner, I use my all time favorite moisturizer: Aloe Vera Gel.

oily skin care regimen

Aloe Vera gel is an amazing moisturizer for oily skin types. Since my combination skin goes into overdrive during the summer months, Aloe Vera gel has been a Godsend for me. I rub a small amount into my skin, and I am left with a nicely moisturized face. It also gives a gorgeous matte finish, and works beautifully underneath makeup!


Nighttime Routine



oily skin care regiment
My nighttime routine is much quicker. I wash with the cleanser from the tea tree line, and then I pat dry. I usually do not use the toner at night, but I do use an astringent to get the dirt and oil out of my pores before I go to bed. I then follow with my moisturizer from The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line, adding a drop or two of the tea tree oil to the mix. I then go to sleep with my face feeling rejuvenated and clean.


What is your skincare routine? I would love to hear what you do and how yours is different from mine!

Also let me know if you would like to see a black soap tutorial!

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

Until next time!

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