Hey guys! I have a new review for you, and it’s one I actually feel pretty strongly about. I used to have one of those drugstore flat irons that are really bad for your hair…it looked more like a toy than a flat iron, and it burned my hair pretty badly. And the smell? The worst. So I decided to invest in some worthwhile flat irons: The Sedu Revolution from Folica.

sedu pack

Gorgeous Packaging

I absolutely love these flat irons! I have two, the 1″ and the 1.5,” and I am so happy to have them both.  This iron has a max voltage of 20, and the plates are Tourmaline and Ceramic.  It is ionic, with a beveled edge and it heats up from 170° to 450°.  When you buy from an authorized retailer, the Sedu Revolution comes complete with a 2-year warranty.  It has a 9′, ergonomic swivel cord and the body of the flat iron has a gorgeous matte black finish that’s no-slip.  The packaging is so beautiful, you won’t want to get rid of it.



As someone who is really particular about hair health—hello hair journey—I need a flat iron with adjustable temperature, and the Sedu Revolution has amazing range.  It can go as low as 180 and as high as 450.  While I never use either extreme, it’s nice to know I have the option.  There is an indicator light that tells you whether the iron is heated or not—the red light means it is heating up, the blue light means it is cooling down, and when the indicator light flashes red and blue the flat iron is ready!

This iron just rocks! It’s so great I had to get a second one, and they aren’t cheap.  My sister actually got it for me, and I was ever so grateful.  It leaves my hair very shiny, and straight with one pass.  I have never had to go more than one pass with this, and my hair is pretty difficult to get smooth.  Most importantly, I never feel like these scorch my hair or leave it with a flat iron smell.  They do not make my hair dry or brittle, and for that these flat irons are definitely holy grail status.

Does it curl beautifully? Yes! And with ease.  The 1″ is great from my bangs and hard to reach areas, while the 1.5″ allows me to quickly style and straighten the length of my hair.


sedu revolution

The 1″ and 1.5″



Now the importance of this oversight could be pretty crucial depending, but for me it was not a big deal: it does not auto-shutdown when left on.  This means if you forget to turn it off or unplug it, then you will meet your iron just as you left it—on and hot.  This is not a big problem for me because I really never forget to unplug mine, but the one time that I did I was surprised to see it had not powered off by itself.  For many people I can foresee this being a huge issue.  I hope they correct this in the future.



Performance-wise, this was worth every cent.  I enjoy using it and whenever I need a new iron, I will look no further than the Sedu Revolution.  While the technology of this iron may make it less damaging, it is important to remember that any and all heat is bad for your hair when used in excess! When you do use heat, please remember to use a heat protectant.  I personally enjoy Aphogee’s Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer right before I flat iron.  It gives my chemically treated hair the protein and other beneficial ingredients my hair needs in order to thrive.

heat protectant

Also, the Sedu Revolution Diamond just came out so I am sure there will be some sort of price decrease for the Sedu Revolution!


I really hope you found this review helpful! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions I didn’t cover, or you just have something to add! As always, your visit is super appreciated 🙂


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Step by Step guide for the vaseline preshampoo treatment

vaseline prepoo


After posting my extensive guide to all the wonderful uses for Vaseline, I got a few requests from people who wanted to know how to do a Vaseline hair treatment as part of a preshampoo regimen.  Well here it is guys! In the above photo, I have included everything I use for wash day, and I hope you will try these out! They all contribute something a little different and help maximize the effect of this highly  beneficial hair treatment.

Step 1

I detangle my hair and begin with my scalp.  Think of your hair like the crop or harvest, and your scalp as the soil! You can’t have great hair without a “fertile” and healthy scalp.  This cleansing conditioner is made with Rosemary and peppermint to soothe a dry, itchy scalp and promote growth.  Rosemary and peppermint are both said to help with dandruff.  I find that applying the cleansing conditioner to my scalp during the preshampoo gives a good headstart, and ensures that my scalp is clean by the end of wash day!

I part my hair into about 8 sections to start and then clip them up separately.  Using a squirt bottle, you can get these at Sally’s, I apply the Renpure cleansing conditioner to my scalp.  I then massage my scalp for about ten minutes to make sure I cover my entire scalp.


Step 2

Now for the fun part! I bust out my Vaseline and get ready to get my hands dirty.  Taking each section individually, I apply the Vaseline to my ends very liberally.  I smooth the Vaseline into my hair gently, and in a downward motion to smooth the hair cuticle.


Step 3

I then massage my scalp again, but I am careful not to bring the length of my up to my scalp.  This is because I do not want the Vaseline to get on my scalp to prevent build up.  Massaging the scalp increases blood flow, and thus increases heat and this is very important for the absorption of the products used into my scalp and hair shaft.


Step 4

Pop on Netflix, read a book, get comfortable! This is the part where you sit back and let the treatment do the work for you.  Put on a shower cap to trap the heat from your scalp, and wait for 30 minutes.


Step 5

After 30 minutes you can begin to wash.  To wash my hair, because I need a clarifying wash to clean the Vaseline out of my hair, I wash with one of the only sulfate shampoos I still use: Suave Almond Butter Shampoo.  I apply the shampoo and work it in on my ends before I add water to ensure clean, Vaseline free hair! I then follow the shampoo with my favorite moisturizing conditioner, Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle. It really does just about live up to its name!


That’s it for my Vaseline hair treatment!


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Here is my tried and true list of the must have essential oils for ultimate hair health.

I personally enjoy the nowfoods line for most of my essential oils!  This line is affordable, reputable, and very easy to purchase from amazon.com.  You can get free two day shipping if you have prime.  They can also be purchased at health food stores, or at your local GNC.



Essential Oil

Jojoba Oil


This essential oil is super effective because it mimics the natural sebum your scalp manufactures on it’s own. It’s on the expensive side, but it is also super potent so it works out nicely. You will only need a couple drops in a carrier oil to do the trick. It moisturizes and seals in moisture for the perfect solution to a dry, thirsty scalp. This is sooo crucial. Think of your hair as the crop and your scalp as the soil, and you’ll understand why a healthy scalp can literally make or break healthy hair.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of buzz lately for it’s skin and hair benefits, but when it comes to dandruff this super affordable essential oil is very, very underrated. It’s really light and smells amazing, so most will absolutely love this. It’s affordability and lightweight texture make it the perfect carrier oil. (For those who don’t know, a carrier oil constitutes the majority of your hair oil mix, and helps dilute stronger oils so they can be applied directly to your skin in smaller doses). Coconut oil is what really does the work in any dandruff elixir.

If you have greasy hair, or are prone to it, using this as a scalp treatment 2-3 times a week will absolutely do the trick! Do the treatment right before a wash (be sure to use clarifying shampoo), and you should see results in less than two weeks.

Sweet Almond Oil

Essential oil

Sweet Almond Oil


Another carrier oil, this essential oil is not only great for banishing dandruff but it also promotes hair growth!  In fact, the use of this oil as a hair growth aid dates back all the way to Ancient Egypt.  Those Egyptians sure did know a lot about beauty!  But seriously guys, talk about a double whammy. This is used in similar quantities to the coconut oil, but a little less. This oil has a light scent, and is very lightweight so it will do well with in this mixture.

Castor Oil

essential oil

Castor Oil


Castor oil is one of the most agreed upon essential oils when it comes to hair growth. This oil really works! Applying it to your hair as a scalp treatment 2-3 times a week, and you will see fuller longer hair in no time! This oil is very thick, almost like syrup, and so you will want to wash it out after applying. This also works amazingly for thickening eyebrows and eyelashes, so it is well worth the money.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil

essential oil

I have only used the Tropic Isle JBCO, so I can only vouch for this one


Jamaican Black Castor oil is just an alternative to standard castor oil. I personally believe it is more effective, but it has the down side of being even thicker. Literally almost molasses thick. If you are willing to use this oil as a treatment, I think it is well worth it. It can be used overnight as well for better results. I use this oil on my scalp during weeks when I am wearing protective styles.


After using all of these essential oils, the trick for clarifying your hair is to apply shampoo and work it in before you add water. Add water to lather and rinse only after you have added shampoo. If you add water before you add the shampoo, you will not be able to get all the oil out and your hair will be greasy for days afterwards.

These essential oils can also be used effectively as spot treatment for areas of thinning and balding, around the edges for example. Castor oil can be a real miracle worker in that respect.

Feel free to comment or email me with any questions! I have a lot of personal experience that I would love to share.

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A Dry Hair Mask your tresses will drink right up!

Banana Dry Hair Mask

A Banana Smoothie for Your Hair


Dry hair comes with a slew of other problems: dullness, breakage, etc.  With Fall right around the corner, I know this is something a lot of us will be dealing with so I decided to do this post as a quick DIY tutorial for an all natural dry hair mask that will hydrate and moisturize those thirsty locks.

You will need

Banana, 1-2

Essential Oil of choice (I recommend olive oil or coconut oil), 1-2 tbsp

Egg, 1

Alfalfa Honey, 1/4 cup

Milk, 2 tbsp



Depending on the length of your hair mash 1-2 bananas together until you form a paste like consistency.  Add the egg, beaten, to the mix and stir. Then add the honey, oil and milk, mixing together until you get a thick paste consistency.  Do not beat the mixture, just stir.

Now you’re ready!

Apply the mask to your hair, and cover with a shower cap.  Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then wash out using a cleansing conditioner!


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed 🙂