Nearly Naked is a dream come true

I bought this foundation shortly after I bought my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in hopes of finding a dupe that is easier on the pockets. Did I succeed? Absolutely.

Revlon nearly naked foundation

In all her glory…



This foundation is nothing short of amazing.  While it does not slide on as smoothly as the Bobbi Brown, it performs just as well in every other aspect and even supersedes its oil-control abilities.  It stays all day, even outside, even in considerable heat!  It is lightweight, buildable coverage at its finest.  Drugstore dupe for my favorite foundation, $9.99.  Being asked about my foundation routine in Sephora by the makeup consultants while wearing a $10 drugstore product? Priceless.  It photographs beautifully with no flashback, and works wonderfully with my milk of magnesia/aquaprime pre-foundation routine.


revlon nearly naked foundation



This foundation, being so lightweight, is a bit runnier than average.  Not a problem for me, but the lack of a pump or other more controlled dispenser opens the door for potential mess.


This has to be the best foundation I have ever tried when you take both price and performance into account.  It is beautifully light with a buildable coverage that performs well on small breakouts.  Great for combination skin, and those without severe discoloration.

This product can be found at most drugstores for $9.99.  Cappuccino is a bit dark, but I prefer to go dark than lighter, and you can always blend with a lighter shade.


Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation is worth every penny

bobbi brown skin foundation

Meet my Holy Grail Foundation


I have to tell you I am not a foundation girl.  I own only three, all of which I bought this summer, and I certainly don’t use them everyday.  Most often I dust some MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark and keep it moving.  This summer my t-zone has been the oiliest ever and I have had some breakouts, so I decided I needed something that looked like skin but did not make me oilier.  I wanted something light coverage, lightweight, and buildable.  I wanted something that looked like skin! And with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, I have definitely finally found it.

bobbi brown skin foundation

Pump dispenser is ideal for portion control


The biggest plus for me is definitely that actually does look like skin.  It was love at first swatch in Sephora, and I immediate knew I had to have it.  When I say it “looks like skin,” I mean that it absorbs well enough to give coverage without the foundation texture that I hate.

The second most impressive quality is its oil control abilities.  Now I can’t say that this works alone to control oil, but it definitely does not add to the problem which is impressive because its a skin foundation that’s not really meant to mattify.  Incorporated into my foundation routine (which includes Aquaprime, Milk of Magnesia and Finishing powder) This performs beautifully.  It works especially beautifully with my MAC MSF powder to give an amazing, flawless finish.  People literally stop me in Sephora all the time to ask me what I use whenever I wear this holy grail product!

bobbi brown skin foundation

I use the Warm Walnut 6.5 shade


The only negative is the price.  On a student’s budget I would never have been able to afford this, but I have recently graduated and thus come into some money (thanks friends and family!) so I was more than excited to splurge.


This product is worth every penny and I will definitely be repurchasing.  I highly recommend this in a solid foundation routine for oily girls who don’t want to look cakey.  For dry skin, I imagine this performs like a dream.

Price: $47

Can be bought wherever Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold.  I purchased mine in-store from Sephora.  With 20 shades, I am sure color matching will not be a problem for most.

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A Dry Hair Mask your tresses will drink right up!

Banana Dry Hair Mask

A Banana Smoothie for Your Hair


Dry hair comes with a slew of other problems: dullness, breakage, etc.  With Fall right around the corner, I know this is something a lot of us will be dealing with so I decided to do this post as a quick DIY tutorial for an all natural dry hair mask that will hydrate and moisturize those thirsty locks.

You will need

Banana, 1-2

Essential Oil of choice (I recommend olive oil or coconut oil), 1-2 tbsp

Egg, 1

Alfalfa Honey, 1/4 cup

Milk, 2 tbsp



Depending on the length of your hair mash 1-2 bananas together until you form a paste like consistency.  Add the egg, beaten, to the mix and stir. Then add the honey, oil and milk, mixing together until you get a thick paste consistency.  Do not beat the mixture, just stir.

Now you’re ready!

Apply the mask to your hair, and cover with a shower cap.  Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then wash out using a cleansing conditioner!


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