Skin Care Routine: How to Get Glowing Skin

Summer Skin Care Routine: Get the Glow without the Grease!

summer skin routine

My skin care routine was recently featured on the Popsugar website! I was so happy to be featured on the site again, after my purple lipstick feature. This skin care regimen has really helped to cut down the grease while helping my skin retain moisture, and reverse the damage. While some people go to Visit the Bangkok Aesthetic Clinic Website and book an appointment for a treatment plan, you will also find that some people may prefer to use off-the-shelf pharmacy products to look after there own skin in a way that works for them. Watching YouTubers and bloggers speak about their skincare routines, you’ll find that some things may work for one person and not the other. Something I found that translated throughout reviews was the use of the brand, Estée Lauder. A fun fact about this brand was in 1956, one jar of Estee Lauder ReNutriv cost the equivalent to 1000 dollars today. It’s one of those products that’s costly, but worth it. I found that this skin care routine helped make my skin more radiant, moisturize around my eyes, and also make my skin more even! Exfoliating everyday has really made a huge difference for me, and has drastically helped lighten any scarring or discoloration I had from breakouts. I included my skin profile below so that you can see how to adapt this look for your own skin care needs!

Skin Profile


I find that my skin gets even oilier in the summer, but I am oily combination all year round. My oily area is in the center of my face-especially my nose-and I find that I need to blot and powder even the most mattifying foundations. My nose gets really oily throughout the day, but the other areas far tolerably well. To combat the grease, I rely on cleansers that deep clean without overdrying and moisturizers that replenish and lock in moisture in my skin care routine. FUN FACT: Oily skin can actually result from a lack of moisture.

My Clarisonic cleanser always does the trick!


As you can probably tell from photos I am darker skinned! I like to exfoliate daily, because this keeps my skin looking as fresh and and radiant as possible. I love the results I have seen from regular exfoliation-acne scars and dark spots vanish more quickly. I still have to get Las Vegas laser skin resurfacing treatments for the more stubborn marks, it’s amazing the depths some scar tissue actually reaches. I have noticed that exfoliating gives me a golden glow that shines from beneath my skin’s surface! For these reasons, exfoliation is at the center of my skin care routine.

To exfoliate, I use my Clarisonic. It works like a charm! I use the sensitive skin brush head for a gentle touch, especially because I am someone who exfoliates everyday.


I find that my skin is both sensitive and strong. As oily as my skin gets, I never had acne and I almost never breakout-not even during my cycle. That being said my skin needs to breathe in order to look and feel its best! That means that I skip foundation whenever I am not filming or taking photos, and I try to make sure that my pores are never clogged. In this way, my skin care routine is more preventative than defensive.

To protect and moisturize the sensitive skin around my eyes, I use the AHAVA Extreme Firming Eye Cream! I find that this really helps to put moisture back in the area after removing my eye makeup.


Thankfully, my skin is pretty smooth. I get some irritation when I try a new product that is either too harsh or just offensive to my skin, but other than that I am pretty pleased with the texture of my skin. Whenever I see breakouts, or a rash I like to do a mask to deep clean and purge!

I have been loving my Purifying Mud Mask, and I show you how I use it in my video!

See my Summer Skin Care Routine in action!

I know it’s a lot, and in a perfect world, I would be able to fit this all in every night…unfortunately that isn’t the case, but on the nights that I am able to pamper myself I really love going through the motions of my night time skin care routine. The results are amazing! Click here to see the feature on POPSUGAR.


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