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Who is Maha Maven?

Yes. This is a “Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle blog,” but it is also so much more.  It is a personal diary.  A guide.  A travel log.  This blog is a chronicle of all that I have been, all that I am now, and even all that I strive to be, told through the lens of something most of us girls can relate to:

fashion and beauty.


Growing up, I found myself surrounded by people who looked nothing like me.  I spent the entirety of my childhood and adolescence in private preparatory schools.  In 2013 I graduated from Dartmouth College, an Ivy League institution in New Hampshire.  I looked through magazines to find that pages featuring faces like mine were few and far between.  A huge part of my journey has been trying to find and develop my identity: one that is different and unique, but not  entirely defined by difference.


I have always been different. Because I have always been a woman. And black.  Because I have a long and “unpronounceable” name.  But there has always been more to me than that, and by asserting this fact about myself I hope to empower women who can identify with my story to do the same.


maha maven definition_final


Maha means “woman with beautiful eyes,” and Maven  means “expert” or “connoisseur.”



Beautiful. Intelligent. Inspired.






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  1. Helena
    September 20, 2013 / 2:06 pm

    Ice cream is the best!

    • September 23, 2013 / 4:06 am

      Lol! I literally could not agree more 🙂

      Thank so much for stopping by,
      Maha xoxo

  2. Manuely
    November 11, 2013 / 8:06 am

    Loving your blog! Thanks for sharing the makeup tutorial. Great palettes choice, will definitely try to get that Lorac pallette.

    • March 18, 2014 / 3:52 pm

      thank you! it makes me so happy to hear that 🙂

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