Lancome Visionnaire

Visionnaire 1-Minute Blur for #PhotoPerfectSkin

lancome visionnaire 1 minute blur

I did not expect to enjoy the Lancome Visionnaire as much as I did, but I am pleasantly surprised! I have been a little oilier in my T Zone than usual and so I switched to more mattifying foundations.  Though I liked that matte foundations were better with oil control, I felt they were sometimes harder to blend into my skin and I felt that the finish was not as natural as my other favorites.

Enter Lancome! I honestly found my skin to be more luminous and my foundation to glide on easier after using this product as a base.  My skin glows from the inside, and the highlighted areas beam brighter.


What’s the Point?

I really wanted to let you guys know about the possibility to win your own tube of this great product! I know it’s expensive, so I wanted to make sure you all knew you could enter to win for free.  Who doesn’t love selfies? If you think your selfies rock—come on, they probably do—check out this cool contest hosted by!

If you are interested in winning the Lancome Visionnaire product, then enter the giveaway on here!  It’s an amazing, but expensive, product so if you are interested this contest is for you!  You have until April 27th to enter, and winners will be announced on April 30th! Best of luck 🙂


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