How to Grow Hair Faster: Hair Journey to Healthy Hair

My tried and true guide for how to grow hair faster!

how to grow hair faster


After Christmas, I was looking through photos and noticed my hair hadn’t really grown much at all over the years.  I was always having to cut off damaged ends, and it seemed my hair was always breaking off faster than I could grow it back.  I got sick and tired of it! This was the turning point for me, and I finally decided to take my hair health seriously and grow healthier, longer hair.


The Beginning

I have to admit I am a results oriented type of girl. I need to be able to see the fruits of my labor in order to stay motivated! So I hit google and started doing serious research. My go to query? “How to grow hair faster.” Faster was the key word here.  While I was very concerned with the health of my hair, I wanted to see results quickly enough to stay motivated but consistently gradual enough so that I could track them.

I researched things to avoid and things to do more of.  I started weeding harsh chemicals out of my routine, and changing my diet for optimum hair health.  I even looked into beneficial vitamins to include so I could really maximize results! I focused much of my attention in the beginning on hair growth, but I also made sure not to neglect the importance of length retention.


Drastic First Steps

Starting out, I have to admit that my hair was very damaged.  I did a semi-big chop and it was heartbreaking.  All things considered, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been because I hadn’t relaxed my hair for several months at this point and I had a good head start.  I cut off my relaxed ends, and began to focus on my hair in its natural state.  I also switched from braids to weaved extensions because this style is more versatile and would allow me better access to my hair.


First Triumphs

I never intended to stay natural permanently! I just wanted to give my hair a break and allow it to get strong again before I relaxed again.  This time around, I decided I was going to have a completely different relationship with hair relaxer.  I kept my hair natural for about two months before attempting my first texlax.  From then on, its been nothing but strong, healthy, growing hair and I am never turning back!


New Hair Rules

  • I was no longer going to relax every month.  The most frequent I relax now is every other month, and the longest I have stretched is about 4 months.

  • I was no longer going to relax straight.  I decided I was going to learn the art of the TEXLAX, perfect it, and implement it.

  • I would no longer go to salons for relaxer.  I decided I would trust myself first and foremost with the care taking of my hair, and learn all the necessary skills required to do so.

  • I would avoid harsh chemicals at all costs, except for the occasional relaxer, and would do as my own hair whenever possible.  No one baby’s your hair better than you can.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY I would make sure the majority of my everyday hair products were all natural, and I would work to make essential oils the center of my hair regimen.

  • I would actively decrease the amount of heat I use on my hair, and include protective styling as my go to hairstyles.

  • I would change my diet for optimum hair health, and include supplements when needed.

  • I would prioritize health over style, and resist the urge to over burden my hair.

That’s it for my guide on how to grow hair faster.  To be honest, these changes happened gradually, but now they are so ingrained they are like second nature! I am so happy with the progress I have made so far, and I cannot wait to keep going.  I hope you enjoyed the first post of my healthy hair series and will continue to follow me on my journey to long healthy hair.


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