Fall Drugstore Makeup Haul

fall drugstore beauty finds Ok guys, so I am trying my hand at a HAUL! I have never really done one before and I am super excited to get his one up.  I hope you all will enjoy it! I always love seeing what people buy to get inspiration from them, so I hope you get some haulspiration from this post. I decided to do a drugstore hall to really kick off my fall makeup collection, and I am pretty happy with what I found.  I got my first Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow palette and I am really enjoying it, particularly the last “Definer” color.  I also picked up some false lashes, some Maybelline color tattoo shadow bases, and some loose cosmetic glitter.

Wet’n’Wild Palette, “Comfort Zone”

drugstore makeup haul


I am sorry to say I slept on these palettes for a long time.  I decided to finally try it in the spirit of fall because I have heard so many positive things about it!


Let’s start with the “Comfort Zone” palette, the bigger one on the right.  

Some of the colors have surprisingly good payoff, while others are a little disappointing.  My favorite color in the palette, and one of my favorite colors of all time is the last Definer color.  You can probably tell from the photo that it’s gotten the most use!  It is a gorgeous duo chrome color, a brown with teal shimmer that looks absolutely incredible in any light.  This color is extremely silky and pigmented and goes on the lid like a dream!  In my opinion, this color alone is well worth the cost of the palette.

The smaller palette on the left is called “I Dream of Greenie.”  It has gorgeous greens and teals that are highly pigmented.  My one complaint is that the lime green eyelid color is too chalky and leaves a lot of fall out.  Otherwise, it’s a worthwhile palette for brighter looks!

Wet’n’Wild Megasparkle Confetti 

Glittery eyes are in this season, if NYFW Fall 2013 was any indication, and so I decided to experiment with Wet’n’Wild! The glitter is beautiful, but it gets really itchy so that I can never really manage to wear it for long.  It may work for you and at such an affordable price, it’s worth trying!


Everything else…

Ardell makes my favorite lashes, so I was happy to pick these up! They are pricier compared to online prices, but I needed these in a rush so I am happy they can be found in local drugstores.  I picked up an “Edgy” pair for the first time, and though they are very pretty they don’t really work for me.  They don’t adhere well, and are more frustrating to put on than I am often willing to endure.  Everyone knows that the Maybelline Color Tattoos are a dream come true, so I picked up two more to add to the arsenal!  I also picked up two Wet’n’Wild eye pencils, the blue and white swatched on my hand in the upper left photo.  They work well, and i was particularly impressed with the white one which is very pigmented.  The white pencil does not make a good base though, so keep that in mind.


That’s it! I love trolling for drugstore makeup, and this time was no exception.  I am pretty happy with my finds, and I am always looking to hear what other people are trying out!

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