Desio Contacts Review: Forest Green

Desio Contacts “Forest Green” Review


desio contacts

I picked up my first pair of color contact lenses, the Desio Contacts, when I was planning my Rihanna CFDA Makeup Tutorial.  I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first because I have never been a fan of color contact lenses.  They have always looked over pixelated, too fake, and never really fit seamlessly over the eye.  Fortunately, the Desio Contacts are a completely different story!

As a first time color contact wearer, I find these to be incredibly comfortable! They also have a beautiful color, with seamless transition between the pupil and the contact color.  I love how natural they look!IMG_9219


I ordered the Forest Green, without prescription because I do not wear glasses.  I find that they are comfortable for long periods of time, though I only wear them to film.  These lens last 90 days, called quarterly lenses, and that works for me since I bought them for filming purposes.

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