Crown Brush Review: HD Brush Set with Mirror

Crown Brush Review: My first Crown Brush set!*
crown brush review

On the go, one of the most annoying things to pack are makeup brushes.  They don’t fit anywhere compact, and I am always concerned about the hairs of the brush and making sure they aren’t misshapen.  That is why I was so delighted to receive this brush set courtesy of iFabbo and Crown Brush.  Keep reading to see what I thought of these brushes!



These are some of the softest brushes I have ever come across! They are synthetic, so they will be liquid friendly and they are the perfect size.  The problem I have with travel brush sets, and the reason I don’t bother to buy travel sized brushes at all, is that they always come way to small.  My hands get all cramped up trying to put my face on and it’s not pretty.  These are perfect because they are bigger than your average travel sized brush, but still smaller than a normal sized brush, so that they fit perfectly into almost any and every makeup pouch.  The storage it comes with is great too!

As you could probably guess, I got the purple kit.  And I am loving it! Stay tuned for my holiday videos, because these bad boys will definitely make an appearance.

The set also comes with a mirror and a pair of tweezers.  Real Talk: these tweezers are literally the best ever.  It’s like using these makes me realize why it never really worked with any other pair of tweezers!  They require little pressure to get a firm grip, pluck eyebrows with precision and ease, and make a dream out of false eyelash application (which can get nightmarish).

ALSO: It’s vegan friendly!

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Something to Consider

For what it is and is marketed to be this is a standout set.  Do not expect it to be our only brush set if you plan to do all out eye makeup looks, or more detailed work.  This set is perfect for travel, and great for everyday when you want a handy set that’s high quality as well.

I highly recommend this set for any and every one with a girl in their life who loves makeup, or is even just starting out

Get yours HERE!

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*I received these products for review, courtesy of Crown Brush and iFabbo.  As always, I always give my honest review of any product here at!

crown brush set review



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    They are the best 🙂 thanks a lot!

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