Becca The One Perfecting Brush

Becca The One Perfecting Brush: This Multitasking Makeup brush is a major game changer*

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I have always been one for efficiency and ease, no matter what I’m doing.  For this reason, I highly appreciate any invention that can maximize time and space and make things easier for me.  This brush does exactly that, and feels soft and luxurious at the same time.  Without further ado, here is the review!


This brush does it all. And it’s incredibly soft, AND it is superbly ergonomic!  I received this brush courtesy of iFabbo and Becca Cosmetics, and it works better than I could have ever imagined.  It is lightweight and the bristles are incredibly soft and very full.   It is made with “non-porous, high quality goat hair” which prevents liquid products from absorbing into the bristles.  This makes it great for both liquid and powder products by preventing product waste.


Becca Cosmetics claims that the brush can replace these 10 tools:


Foundation Brush

Powder Brush

Contour Brush

Bronzer Brush

Stipple Brush

Blush Brush

Fan Brush

Concealer Brush




Stay tuned for my demo video in which I put this brush to the test!


Things to Consider

I was really skeptical when I received this brush because it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  It will take some getting used to because it is bigger than you would expect and most aren’t used to using brushes like this! That being said, I do think it is worth the money especially for someone who travels a lot or has to rush out of the house on most days.  I’m all for  convenience!

 Get yours HERE!



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* received this product courtesy of iFabbo and Becca Cosmetics.  As always, everything written here is my honest opinion.

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