A Dry Hair Mask your tresses will drink right up!

Banana Dry Hair Mask

A Banana Smoothie for Your Hair


Dry hair comes with a slew of other problems: dullness, breakage, etc.  With Fall right around the corner, I know this is something a lot of us will be dealing with so I decided to do this post as a quick DIY tutorial for an all natural dry hair mask that will hydrate and moisturize those thirsty locks.

You will need

Banana, 1-2

Essential Oil of choice (I recommend olive oil or coconut oil), 1-2 tbsp

Egg, 1

Alfalfa Honey, 1/4 cup

Milk, 2 tbsp



Depending on the length of your hair mash 1-2 bananas together until you form a paste like consistency.  Add the egg, beaten, to the mix and stir. Then add the honey, oil and milk, mixing together until you get a thick paste consistency.  Do not beat the mixture, just stir.

Now you’re ready!

Apply the mask to your hair, and cover with a shower cap.  Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then wash out using a cleansing conditioner!


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NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss

Feels like Butter

I have always loved butter. But, its kinda not-so-good for you as a food.  Imagine my excitement and delight when I stumbled upon yet another makeup “butter” product! These were part of my first ever NYX purchase, and I must say I am now a fan.  One month later and it’s still like the very first time with these bad boys, and so I had to share the love.

These have to be some of my favorite lip glosses EVER. And trust me, when it comes to lip gloss, I am a certified professional. I mean, my lip gloss has been poppin’ ever since grade school.  It all started with Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper, and it’s been true love.

Sidenote: How many of you remember lip smackers? How many of you loved the Dr. Pepper one? I have to admit, I still do.


These guys are just smooth.  Just. Like. Butter.  They almost melt into your lips stick without being sticky, and slip without being slippery.  I also love the sent which is shea buttery deliciousness in a subtle, but noticeable way.

Tiramisu is a gorgeous warm nude color that goes on really nicely.  It has a creamy coloring to it that adds a great icing on the cake effect to a nude lipstick.  I like to use over a matter lipstick, or use with a skintone lip liner.  It goes on nicely alone too but those are just my preferences.

Vanilla Cream Pie is a super cute pink color, that has a really impressive coloring to it.  It goes on with a translucent wash of color, but it gives a gorgeous flush to a naked lip.  I prefer using this without liner, and rarely use it over a lipstick.  It is a great go-to everyday gloss that’s super quick and easy since it performs so well on its own.

NYX Butter Gloss

Smells like (Shea) Butter


These are must haves.  I cannot wait to add more shades to my collection, and I will definitely be looking into more NYX products as well.  Great for everyday, they are a busy girls dream.


What are your favorite NYX lip products? I am definitely up for some recommendations.

As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

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Urban Decay YDK Eyeshadow Compact

Urban Decay YDK Eyeshadow Compact

Wow. Isn’t she lovely? Those high school photography classes sure paid off!  You Don’t Know!

Just kidding…half kidding.  While I am proud of this photo I took, the eyeshadow is the star of this post so I will reel it in.  YDK! Looked it up in Urban Dictionary, and apparently it stands for You Don’t Know! And apparently, this is “rudeboy speak” for “I agree with your sentiment and support it.”  A way of giving props. So. You Don’t Know, Urban Decay! You have done it again.

How do I LOVE thee? Let me count the ways.



Sometimes, you find what you need looking for what you want.  I went to Sephora to buy the Naked 2 palette, and fell head over heels in love with the YDK eyeshadow.  As in, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It’s a smooth, hyper pigmented, frosty brown taupe color that works beautifully as a tearduct highlight or all-over-the-lid color or under the lower lash line.  It’s just perfect.  PURRFICK. And I usually hate glitter.  Not this time.

It’s beautiful, and pigmeted, and catches the light with such incredible mesmerizing beauty…I just. Wow.

YDK Compact



Glitter=fall out.  And though this is one of the best glitter shadows I have ever worked with, it’s no exception to this all-to unfortunate rule.  That being said, I rarely have a problem unless applying to my tearduct where I tend to want a very precise application.  Otherwise, it’s a dream.


Urban Decay YDK




It’s no secret Urban Decay is an eyeshadow authority. You Don’t Know! Now you do.  I would recommend this eyeshadow to my best friend, my mother, my sisters…anybody.  If I had a twin, I’d recommend it to her too.  Its just super versatile.  It can be downplayed for daywear and played up for nighttime.  Now. It’s not all that in swatch photos for some reason.  You gotta see it in person.  She’s just that type of gal.  But trust me. She’s so worth it.

Are you an Urban Decay fan? Let me know about your favorite products! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Drugstores are a sort of twilight zone for me.  I can never just go in and get out.  I always have to go through the makeup section, and send at least 30 mins.  I love makeup that much.  Unfortunately, this often results in a lot of unpremeditated spending, and the day I walked away with this lipgloss fatty is no exception.  NYC Plumping Lipgloss is what happens when you take a normal sized lipgloss to the register, and he or she says, “You wanna supersize that?” and you say “Why, yes. Yes I would.”  You know…before that became illegal.  This thing is literally jumbo size.  It’s way too big to be a lipgloss, but what can I say? I’m into that.  SUPERSIZE ME.



I bought this for some lip plump action because, as I’ve already implied, bigger is sometimes better in my book.  Did it plump? Not really.  But for $3.99, I can’t say I was surprised.  It does have a great, cool, tingling thing going on that I love.  It also has a thick creamy lipgloss consistency without being sticky.  The colors I got are also super beautiful: Colossal Cacao and Plumped Plum.  The Colossal Cacao, LOL, makes a beautiful highlight in the center of the top and bottom lips. Plumped Plum is a really pretty my lip-but-deeper-and-therefore-better gloss.  It has a subtle glitter that gives a gorgeous high-shine without looking like the my-first-lipgloss-ever shade I used to sneak on the playground in fifth grade. (I tried to get my lipgloss poppin’ way too early).





It can be a bit messy.  I don’t like the smell at all, it’s a little balmy.  Too much comes out when you pull the applicator out, and you have to scrape the excess off.  Mess.  It also doesn’t plump.  That’s pretty significant.  BUT, for $3.99 it was pretty and creamy enough to keep.

nyc plumping lip gloss

Jumbo Applicators



Not  nightmare. Lol. Not dream either, so I probably won’t buy other colors.  I may repurchase Colossal Cacao because it’s that pretty, but otherwise I could do without.


What’s your favorite lip plumping gloss?


Thank you so much for stopping by!


Prevent Nail Polish Chipping with these Tried and True tactics!

nail polish chipping


I was at dinner this weekend with a beloved old friend when she asked “How do you keep your nail polish from chipping?” And I blanked! I’m a  beauty blogger, I am supposed to know this! Well, I went on the prowl searching for the best tips and techniques and I have compiled the bests ones in a complete list.  Consider this your arsenal for chipped nail polish prevention tactics.



Oils and debris hanging out on the surface of your nails could prevent it from properly adhering.


2. Buff nails with nail buffer to smooth ridges, and ensure an ideal surface.

Why? I took pottery classes a while ago, and whenever you want to stick two pieces of clay together, you always “score” it first.  That means you draw lines, like crosshatching, on both surface then stick them together.  I works like a charm, and the same rules apply here!


3.  If you don’t have a buffer, or you just aren’t down for that, wipe your nail down with nail polish remover.

Yes, even if you didn’t have polish on, and yes even if you washed your hands.  Why? Because the soap has oils too.


4.  If you use a base coat, use a thin layer.

I typically do not use a base coat and love the long lasting results that I get.  People are always asking where I got my nails done! Also, stay away from two in ones! Two in one base coat top coat? I guarantee it does one better than the other, and you don’t want to skimp on either step.


chipped nail polish


5.  Apply 3-5 thin coats of nail polish, and bring color over top of nail.

Yes, 3-5. Yes, thin.  As thin as possible to cut down on drying time and prevent bubbles.  Make sure you bring the color over the top of your nail, ie. “wrap” it.  This way there won’t be an easy opening for life’s little happenings to get under your nail polish, and chip your mani.

PRO-TIP: Shimmery or glittery polishes generally adhere the best.

6.  DO NOT EVER shake your polish to mix it.

Ok, I was a little aggressive there, but really! Roll the polish back and forth between your hands, but never shake it because that leads to bubbles, and bubbles prevent smooth coverage.  Not to mention a bubbly mani is both distracting and annoying if you’re a perfectionist like I am.

7.  Apply your top coat while the top layer of your polish is still somewhat wet!

I know. This sounds counter intuitive, at least it did to me, but top coats work best this way.  When a top coat is applied to semi-wet polish, it can mix with this layer of polish to really work it’s magic…as opposed to just kinda sorta working for half a day.

PRO-TIP: EVERYONE raves about Seche Vite, and in my opinion it is the best top coat on the market.  I tried it recently and can’t imagine trying anything else! If gives my manicures lasting power for at least 1.5 weeks. It also dries incredibly fast.


best top coat

8.  Cold water!

This can help dry and harden the polish, but it only helps. It isn’t a miracle, so don’t dry off your hands thinking your polish is fully set.

9. Allow up to 45 minutes for polish to dry completely.

Unreal right?! I couldn’t believe this because I never think to myself, “oh I have 45 minutes free, let me paint my nails.” More like, “Oh I have like 10 minutes, lets do this!” But yea, I was wrong.  Up to 45 minutes!

PRO TIP: Wait until you can’t smell it anymore.  That’s always a really good sign.  If you can still smell the fumes, that often means that your polish is still solvent.


10. Use a high quality polish!

This seems obvious, but I had to include it because I believe it makes a significant difference.  Needless to say, my favorite is Essie! I love that they are high quality, affordable, and can be found at most drugstores! Quality meets convenience.


essie merino_cool


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**Essie did not sponsor this post. I just really enjoy their nail polishes!**