Desio Contacts Review: Forest Green

Desio Contacts “Forest Green” Review


desio contacts

I picked up my first pair of color contact lenses, the Desio Contacts, when I was planning my Rihanna CFDA Makeup Tutorial.  I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first because I have never been a fan of color contact lenses.  They have always looked over pixelated, too fake, and never really fit seamlessly over the eye.  Fortunately, the Desio Contacts are a completely different story!

As a first time color contact wearer, I find these to be incredibly comfortable! They also have a beautiful color, with seamless transition between the pupil and the contact color.  I love how natural they look!IMG_9219


I ordered the Forest Green, without prescription because I do not wear glasses.  I find that they are comfortable for long periods of time, though I only wear them to film.  These lens last 90 days, called quarterly lenses, and that works for me since I bought them for filming purposes.

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Amrezy Palette Makeup Tutorial

Amrezy Palette Makeup Tutorial

amrezy palette


It has been a while since I have come across a palette I was genuinely very impressed by, and the Amrezy Palette has very much hit the mark!  It has beautiful, rich shades with a balanced mix of both neautral and colors, shimmers and mattes.  What I love most about the Amrezy Palette is that it can very easily be a carry alone palette due to its gorgeous matte crease shades—which work amazingly as transition colors—pretty shimmery neutrals, and gorgeously coordinated pops of color.  It is a shame it sold out so quickly, I am actually hoping that it will be re-promoted! I wish I had bought two now, I love it so much.



Ben Nye Banana Powder, HERE
MAC MSF Natural, Sunpower, HERE
Lancome Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur, HERE
Garnier BB Cream, Deep, HERE
Sephora Jumbo Liner 12Hour Wear Water Proof, Dark Brown Matte, HERE
Beauty Blender, HERE
Milani Baked Blush, Red Vino, HERE
Bobby Brown Skin Foundation, Almond, HERE
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, 12, HERE


Anastasia Amrezy Palette, “Caramel,” “Morocco,” “Deep Plum,” “Topaz”


Wet n Wild Lip Liner, Plumberry, HERE
MAC Lipstick, Taupe, HERE


Sigma, Precision Brush Set, HERE
Sigma, Essentials Kit, HERE
Sigma, Performance Eyes Kit, HERE
Sigma, E60, HERE
Sigma, F35, HERE

Tweezerman Brush iQ, Finishing Contour, HERE
Tweezerman Brush iQ, Blender, HERE

Bdellium Tools, Eye Kit, HERE



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Eyebrow Tutorial: How to Fill in Your Brows

Eyebrow Tutorial for a soft, natural, full brow!

how to fill in your brows


I always get asked about my brows—on the street, in the mall, grocery shopping, EVERYWHERE—and so I decided to go ahead and get an eyebrow tutorial up.  This routine has not changed much for a while, though it has  changed dramatically since I first started my channel.  I used to use a brown eyeliner pencil but, as you can see in my Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Video, that was not the best option for the simple fact that the eyeliner pencil is meant for the waterline and is therefore too “soft.”  The softness of the pencil simply means that is applies very pigmented, without much pressure and so it was hard to get a natural looking brow that worked for everyday fresh faced looks.


Makeup Mistakes to Avoid


I stumbled on the perfect brow product by accident—a L’OREAL eyeshadow single, called Deep Mocha, that retails for $4—while trifling through my things looking for a powder alternative.  This color is the perfect shade of brown with the perfect balance of pigmentation for a brow that is full but natural looking! The SECRET to natural, full brows is filling them in with a color fairly lighter than you hair—if your hair is much darker than you skin.  This creates the “shadow” or “depth” of a brow, while allowing your actual eyebrow hairs to show.



Bdellium Tools, Angled Brow Brush #763, HERE

L’OREAL Paris Studio Secrets Pro Eye Shadow Single, Deep Mocha, HERE

BH Cosmetics, Spoolie from the 36 Piece Ultimate Brush Set, HERE

Studio 763 Angled Brow

36 pc Ultimate Brush Set

I am so excited to have finally found a great and comfortable brow routine that is quick and easy! I love all of the products, and highly recommend them if you are interested in a soft and natural brow.

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