Nigerian Traditional Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to my international series! I love weddings and so I decided to do a series dedicated to various makeup looks from traditional weddings all over the world.  I love going to events where I know I will be able to soak up a different culture, and eat amazing food.  I also always look forward to seeing the bride’s makeup and attire.


nigerian traditional wedding

Maha’s Eyes: Nigerian Traditional Wedding Makeup


A Nigerian traditional wedding is usually a weekend long occasion consisting of the traditional wedding on the first day, and an English wedding on the next.  My favorite part of the wedding celebration has to be the traditional wedding! They are always so vibrant and exciting!

The traditional wedding is a cultural practice in which the bride is presented and picks her groom out of a crowd.  She dances around the room while he “hides” and once she find him, she kneels before him and presents him with a cup of palm wine.  He sips, then she sips, then he finishes the cup and puts some money inside of it for her people back home.



These weddings vary by tribe and region of origin, and it is always so exciting to watch.  I could go on and on about the intricacies of this ceremony, but I will save that for later posts! In the meantime, lets get to the tutorial.  I decided to use reds because as you will see from the photos of other Nigerian traditional wedding ceremonies, red is a really important color in these ceremonies.  The ceremonial beads are red, and even if brides opt to wear other colors they almost always use the red beads as accessories, as do the grooms and bridal party.



Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, Warm Almond
Maybelline Fit Me! Setting Powder, Cappuccino
L’Oreal True Match Concealer Crayon, Medium/Deep N6-7-8
Ben Nye Banana Powder
LORAC Unzipped Palette, Unbridled
LORAC Pro PaletteEspresso


L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner, Black icon
LORAC Pro PaletteBlack
Sleek “Original” Palette, #6, #11, #12
Toyoepin Lashes, Natural Cute
LORAC Pro Palette, Garnet
LORAC Unzipped PaletteUnattainable
MAC Eyeshadow, Brown Script


MAC Lipstick, Twig
NYX Lipliner, Chestnut

Maybelline FitMe Setting Powder, Cappuccino


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*MAC Brown Script is very similar to the color used.


Get a glimpse into what I think about beauty and self esteem

beauty and self-esteem

“The mission of my blog and my life really, is to showcase the complexity and creativity that is an inherent part of being a woman. Through my writing and through featuring other creative women, I hope to awaken something in my readers who are lacking meaning and purpose in their lives. Further, I strive to provide a place for storytelling, for women to share their inside out beauty, what they’ve learned about themselves through adversity and what makes them feel beautiful.” GG from All the Many Layers


Hey guys!

So I know this is the first post by me of its kind, but I assure you it is the first of many.  I know I spend a lot of time talking about outer beauty and how to enhance it, but I truly do believe that all the outer beauty in the world is secondary to a truly beautiful mind and spirit.  When GG asked me to do this feature, I was honored and overjoyed! I am so happy to be able to share with you how I have come to be confident and self-reliant when it comes to valuing myself and my appearance.

I am really excited to start to open up about everything I have learned in my life about being a woman who has always felt different, and learning to come to terms with and accept that.  I can’t wait to begin to share how I have grown to be confident in my skills and passions as I work towards achieving my goals!

I hop you enjoy the feature, there will be more content like this coming soon.



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